7th graders get lesson from Grant County Nutritionist

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Ms Anderson-Barnes, Grant County Nutritionist gives presentation on fats to students

Top picture showing how plaque effects blood flow in arteries. Second picture shows plaque build up in arteries over time in connecting a diet high in fat content to how it effects health. Third picture Ms Anderson-Barnes shows a student in scoops of crisco the fat content in grams of the fast food meal he selected.  Next picture she showed a chart shiwing the comparison of serving size served at a restaurant and underneath what a single portion size should be.  Next photo is a map showing by state what % of its population is obese.  Next most were surprised that what the boxes of cereal, English muffins, crackers, and 1/4 of a donut had in common was they had the same amount of fat. Last picture is Ms Anderson-Barnes presenting to class.

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