State Speech Results- Kreft wins state

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The WCA speech team had an incredible day speaking at the Class A State Speech Tournament on Saturday, April 22nd.  They were one of 95 schools represented that day and tied for 12th as a team.  The three speakers, Matthew Poyzer, Solomon Sewell and Brianna Kreft knew what had to be done and did it in an amazing, poised manner. 
We are so incredibly proud of Matt.  He made his first state appearance ever in the very competitive category of serious interpretation of drama and just missed speaking in finals, losing a tiebreaker in eighth place to so.  He admitted to being terrified and was in awe of the fantastic talent he witnessed and had to be reminded several times that he was part of that fantastic talent.  What he was able to do as a first year state competitor was outstanding and several were brought to tears as he very convincingly finished his dramatic piece each round. 
Solomon Sewell, also a first year competitor in the Class A State Tournament, did what few people can accomplish, spoke in the final round of discussion and did it with great confidence and showmanship.  Solomon's discussion skills were a sight to see.  He held his own with the best and most competitive in the state, sharing pertinent information, assuring that the group stayed on task and worked cooperatively to achieve what was asked.  Solomon finished in a very respectable fourth place beating out several competitors that have spoken at the tournament before.
Brianna Kreft finished the speech season where every speaker dreams of being, champion in her category.  As the finalists in extemporaneous reading were being named she realized they were down to the final two, herself and fellow 6A competitor, Noah Stetz.  The next thing she remembers is they called out "And in second place from, Breckenridge, MN..."  She remembered realizing, I don't live in Breckenridge, that means I just won!  She doesn't remember much after that, but was overjoyed to go home with a blue ribbon around her neck.
As coaches, we want our speakers to be able to give their best performances each round and if they can say that, we accept whatever comes next.  These three speakers did exactly that in a very intimidating and daunting venue, the state tournament.  We are so very proud of them and all that they accomplished this season.

7th graders get lesson from Grant County Nutritionist

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Ms Anderson-Barnes, Grant County Nutritionist gives presentation on fats to students

Top picture showing how plaque effects blood flow in arteries. Second picture shows plaque build up in arteries over time in connecting a diet high in fat content to how it effects health. Third picture Ms Anderson-Barnes shows a student in scoops of crisco the fat content in grams of the fast food meal he selected.  Next picture she showed a chart shiwing the comparison of serving size served at a restaurant and underneath what a single portion size should be.  Next photo is a map showing by state what % of its population is obese.  Next most were surprised that what the boxes of cereal, English muffins, crackers, and 1/4 of a donut had in common was they had the same amount of fat. Last picture is Ms Anderson-Barnes presenting to class.

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Speech Sections - 3 students qualify for State

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MSHSL Section 6A Tournament

                The West Central Area Speech team had an amazing day in Underwood on Saturday, April 8th.  With the drop of Rose Boarsh due to a scheduling conflict, we began the day with eleven speakers.  Each of these speakers are to be commended.  They met up with extremely tough competition in a very competitive and stressful format.  The nerves for all speakers were evident and yet this core of eleven talented speakers, were able to say at the end of the day, that they had done given it their best effort, and “left it all on the floor.”  “My goal was that each of our contestants do their best and be proud of all that they have accomplished.  In visiting with them at the end of the day, they had done just that.”  After three rounds of speaking, over half of our students, made it to the section finals, with several others, just out of contention.  Ethan Olson spoke in the original oratory finals with a very impressive fourth place finish.  Kristin Gilbertson earned fifth place honors in the very competitive, poetry finals.  Brianna Kreft finished in third place, earning her third trip to the state tournament in extemporaneous reading.  Matthew Poyzer took home first place honors in drama interpretation.  Solomon Sewell finished as a champion in discussion.  Brianna, Matthew and Solomon will speak at the state tournament in Apple Valley on April 22nd.

Speech Sub-Section Results

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WCA Speech Team Places Third at Subsections

                The WCA Speech Team placed third, behind speech powerhouse teams, Parkers Prairie (first) and Staples-Motley (second).  Friday, March 31st was an exciting evening for the Knights.  Twelve of the fourteen competitors, are advancing to the section meet in Underwood on Saturday, in hopes of earning a trip to the state tournament.  Like all competitions at tournament time, there were surprises, both positive and negative, but ultimately each of these speakers was successful at achieving their goals and are able to continue speaking.  Champions in section 21A were Solomon Sewell (discussion) and Nathan Lewis (poetry).  Runner-up status went to Mathew Poyzer (drama) and Ethan Olson (original oratory).  In third place were, John Barber (discussion), Emily Engen (storytelling), and Timothy Ruud (poetry).  Finishing in fourth were, Hannah Anderson (great speeches), Kristin Gilbertson (poetry), and Brianna Kreft (extemporaneous reading). In informative speaking, Rose Borash earned a 6th place finish and Tyler Biss, an 8th place finish.  Rounding out our tournament team were Max Duncan in humorous and Alana Olson in prose.  A surprise conclusion to the evening was having Kari Kreft honored as Subsection 21 coach of the year.

                We are very excited about next Saturday and what might happen at sections.  “These are very talented and poised speakers, great kids and hard workers.  Like any coach, I am hoping there are all able to give their best performances on Saturday and excited to see where that might lead them.  That being said, section 6A is extremely competitive in speech and advancing speakers to state will be a challenge.  A challenge we are ready to take on!”    

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